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So for better or for worst, the Smash 4 roster has been revealed. If you’re reading this, you either have seen the leaked roster, or you don’t care about it being spoiled and wanna know what it is from me. I don’t think a leaked character roster for a fighting game is all that big a deal, but I understand others wouldn’t wanna have it spoiled for them, so that’s why this is being done in a thing that you have to click in order to see. If you’re reading this, you’re reading it willingly. And you don’t care about me spoiling anything. Because I’m gonna be talking about EVERYTHING and my thoughts on it. I’ll probably repost this once Smash 4 is actually released and everyone knows the roster. But for now, you’re entering spoiler territory, so BE WARNED!

So the roster has been leaked. Not counting the characters that have already been officially announced by Nintendo, the new returning characters and newcomers are as follows:

Bowser Jr.
Mr. Game & Watch
Duck Hunt Dog and Duck……….wat
Dr. Mario
Dark Pit

Characters from Brawl that won’t be appearing in Smash 4:

Ice Climbers

In total, counting all the Mii Fighters as their own character, Smash 4 will have a roster of 51 characters, with 16 of them being newcomers. Brawl had 39 characters with 18 of them being newcomers. Overall, I’m very surprised with how big the roster is. As for what the roster is…let’s start discussing. I’ll be going over every new character, some returning characters, and the non returning characters.

First off, there’s the Villager. I think that’s awesome. Original idea, from a huge Nintendo franchise, I’m excited to play as him. Next, Wii Fit Trainer. At first, I was VERY against it. Mainly because I was under the impression that the Smash 4 roster was gonna be small due to it being on a handheld and I didn’t like them wasting a slot on the Wii Fit Trainer. But as time went on, I grew to love her. It’s just funny. And she can fight. And after seeing the full roster, I am more than ok with her being in it.

Next is Rosalina and Luma. I FLIPPED OUT when she was revealed. I think that’s totally awesome. People say they’re using her too much and getting rid of Daisy, but come on! That’s not true. Rosalina has her Galaxy games, that’s her franchise. She was in a whopping 2 Mario Kart games, she’s DLC for Mario Golf: World Tour, and her addition in 3D World is more of a treat than anything else. I love Daisy, don’t get me wrong. As a character, I still like her more than Rosalina. I’d love to play as Daisy, and Waluigi for that matter. But that’s just it. She’s not that different from Peach. At all. Rosalina is VASTLY different, combat wise. Nobody cared about Bowser Jr. being implemented into every single Mario game after he got introduced (besides me). So why are people all up in arms about Rosalina? I wholeheartedly welcome her into Smash 4. She looks incredible.

Next is Little Mac. I am SO happy that he’s in it. I’m not sure how unique of a character he’ll be, since all he can do it punch. And I was worried that he would be replacing Captain Falcon, thankfully that’s not the case. He’s a great Nintendo character from a great Nintendo franchise, plus he’s a natural born fighter. An obvious choice and a welcomed addition.

Next up, Greninja. The first new character that I am still not ok with. First off, let’s look back at how Lucario is coming back in Smash 4. I know Mewtwo is garbage in Melee, but I, and a lot of other people wanted him in Smash 4. Made better. Lucario is a Mewtwo clone, I don’t care what anyone says. Yes, he has some differences, but in terms of awesomeness, who would you rather play as? And it stinks that Greninja ALSO looks like a Mewtwo clone. I was expecting Zoroark to be playable. Then again, that was when I thought Smash 4 would be out before X and Y. I get it, gen 6 is out and all that. So a gen 6 Pokemon is only natural. But I can still see Zoroark being more unique than Lucario and Greninja. And I think Jigglypuff being in Smash 4 and giving her Fairy type attacks, on top of Lucario and Charizard’s final Smashes being Mega Evolution would be enough representation of X and Y. In Smash 4, the Pokemon in it are gonna be Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario, Jigglypuff, and Greninja. Switch Lucario with Mewtwo and Greninja with Zoroark, and I think we’d have a much more awesome set up. Hek, just switch Lucario with Mewtwo and I’d be ok with it. Now you may be saying that Mewtwo is only in Melee, not Brawl. So he wouldn’t ever have a chance of coming to Smash 4. But Dr. Mario has just been confirmed… so there.

Next up, the Mii Fighters. I think this is WAY cool. How cool is it to have YOURSELF in a game with Nintendo’s allstars. Fighting against or alongside one another! It’s an incredible feeling. I don’t know much about the whole Amiibo thing, so I’m not gonna talk about that too much. All I know is that they’re Nintendo toys and I wanna get them all! As for how they’ll fight, I think it would’ve been cool to have their attacks based a bit more off the Mii games, like Wii Sports, Wii Music, Nintendo Land, etc. And I was honestly REALLY hoping that Monita would be playable in Smash 4. Let’s hope their Final Smash is Dark Monita coming down and spreading terror on everyone. That’s be awesome.

Next is Palutena. Sort of expected, but still really cool. That trailer REALLY makes me want a Smash Bros. anime. And considering that we won’t be getting a story mode in Smash 4, an anime would more than make up for it. She’s cool, she’s unique, she’s a very welcome edition. No more to say than that. And lastly, on the list of newcomers that were officially revealed to us, there’s Lucina and Robin. Everyone was expecting Chrom. Everyone was wanting Chrom. And the trolling they did in that trailer was HILARIOUS. Him being part of Robin’s final Smash is cool and all, but it really seems like fan service, more than anything. I like Lucina as a character, but not a fighter. I like Robin as a fighter, but not a character. Lucina is literally Marth. She’s more of a clone than Roy is. She even looks exactly like him. From a distance, if you showed me a picture of her and told me it was Marth, I would believe you. And Sakurai saying in an interview that Chrom isn’t unique enough of a character combat wise, but Lucina is, is just weird. Honestly, I would expect both Chrom and Lucina to play identically in Smash 4. But Chrom just looks and seems like a much more different character than Lucina. Also that trailer was spoilers galore for Fire Emblem: Awakening, so thanks for that, Nintendo.

As for Robin, he’s proven in that one trailer alone that he is FAR from a clone of Marth, Roy, or Ike. His attacks are VERY unique and interesting. As a person, he’s the generic derp you play as in Awakening. The fact that you can customize Robin to look SO different than the default version made me forget who he even was. He’s not significant as a person. As a fighter, I’m sure he’ll be awesome. I’m excited to play as him. And including the female version is also a very welcome feature. As for people saying that there’s too many Fire Emblem characters….there’s 4. For people saying that there’s too many Pokemon….there’s 5. Brawl had 6 Pokemon and nobody complained. Now look at the ELEVEN Mario characters and tell me that there’s too many Fire Emblem characters.

And lastly, there’s the 2 new 3rd part characters. Mega Man and PAC-MAN. In Brawl, having Mario and Sonic in the same game was revolutionary. Having SNAKE in a Nintendo game was mind blowing and awesome. In Smash 4, we have Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, and PAC-MAN all together in the same game. The 4 biggest names in video game history. This is history in the making, right here. I very much welcome these two and I can’t wait to have a Brawl with the big 4.

Ok. That wraps up all the characters we already knew about before the leak. Now let’s get into the fresh meat. First off, there’s Bowser Jr…….if you know me, you know I HATE Bowser Jr. He is literally my least favorite video game character of all time. I am NOT happy with him being in it. He’s not even gonna be playable on his own. He’s gonna be in his Koopa Clown Kart the whole time. Even they know he can’t fight on his own, unlike Diddy Kong and Bowser. I assume Nintendo was looking at Tron-Bonne and saw how she fought in a big machine and thought to themselves “We can do that!” So there you go. Bowser Jr, everybody. Not only do I hate him, there’s too many Mario characters! I don’t care if Mario is Nintendo’s biggest franchise, this isn’t a Mario game. It’s a Nintendo allstars game! Waluigi may not be the most important and unique character, but he’s WAY more unique and liked than Bowser Jr. and he was made an assist trophy in the first place because they knew he could fight on his own. Annoyed with the huge amount of Mario characters, but if it had to be that big, I’m even more annoyed that Waluigi won’t be in it. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a 4 player match with all 4 Mario brothers!? I sure as heck think it would! But no. Instead we have Bowser Jr. and I’m sorry if I sound like I’m whiny about it, but you don’t understand how much I HATE him. No matter what anyone says, for better or for worse, I will NEVER stop complaining about it.

Next up is…….the Duck Hunt Dog and Duck……….WAT. I’m not entirely sure if the duck will be playable, or if it’s just the dog. In the character roster, you only see the dog’s face. But when you pick him you see the dog and the duck. If it is the two of them, then I assume it’s a new spin on the Ice Climbers. I know the competitive community will be upset about them not being in this game, and I am, too. I’d be fine if the Ice Climbers AND the Duck Hunt dog and duck were playable. That way, we don’t really lose anything. But seriously, you can’t even TALK about this normally. DUCK HUNT DOG AND DUCK!? They don’t even have names. They’re as significant as the Ice Climbers, which isn’t much at all. But the Ice Climbers at least have names and at least have been in the past 2 games, so people actually care about them. What the heck are these 2 gonna even do as an attack!? And the fact that such minor characters are gonna be in Smash 4 make me even more annoyed that Chibi-Robo won’t be in it. Chibi-Robo isn’t the most quintessential Nintendo character, I know. But he’s a heck of a lot more well known, wanted, and has a heck of a lot more moves than a DOG AND A DUCK! So much rage, I know. Don’t worry, it gets worse.

Next up is Dark Pit. He was kinda hinted in Palutena’s trailer. I didn’t really understand it. I never once thought it was hinting at him being playable, because 1. He didn’t get a mention on Smash 4’s website after Palutena’s reveal. And 2. He’s literally Pit. In every way. He’s gonna fight the same. Look the same. Even SOUND the same. He is the BIGGEST clone character you could EVER have in Smash 4, so why the heck go through with it!? In Kid Icarus: Uprising, you can customize your weapon choice a lot. There’s a huge amount of variety with how you fight. So unless that customization comes into play with Dark Pit, unless Dark Pit’s move set is VASTLY different than Pit’s, than this is gonna be the dumbest character in Smash 4 yet. Magnus from Uprising would’ve been awesome. A heavyweight swordsman and brawler? That’s awesome! That’s different! That’s like Ganondorf done right or a cooler version of Ike! I know Dark Pit is more involved in the story than Magnus is, but Magnus is obviously a heck of a lot more unique and interesting to play as! They literally made a color swap its own character. And that’s stupid.

Speaking of clone characters, Dr. Mario will be making a return. Originally from Melee only, he proves that they would be willing to bring back characters from Melee and put them in Smash 4. But instead of giving us Mewtwo, the one everyone wanted, the one that could’ve been his own unique character, instead you give us a Mario clone. I don’t consider Mario and Luigi clones. Mario and Dr. Mario, yes. He’s literally a more powerful Mario. We’ve seen they’ve been giving the characters really interesting costumes this time around. Little Mac has his pink hoodie, Zero Suit Samus has her skin revealing zero suit, and I’m sure Wario will have his regular clothes on top of his WarioWare outfit. So why not just make Dr. Mario a costume for Mario? He’s just another clone character, so what’s the point? I assume he won’t use F.L.U.D.D. though, so what’s his down B gonna be? The spin attack? The think Luigi already has? Again. Just a clone. Even on the roster layout, Dr. Mario, Lucina, and Dark Pit are all bunched up together in the bottom corner of the list. They’re not even lined up with the other characters from their franchise. They outright knew that they’re clone characters and didn’t even bother to hide it. Ganondorf also makes a return and he appears to be just a Captain Falcon clone again. Disappointed in that, as well.

And lastly, the only new character that ISN’T a disappointment, it’s Shulk. HECK. YES. I’m not the biggest Xenoblade fan. I’m experiencing it for the first time with Chuggaaconroy’s Let’s Play of it. But I’m still really excited about this. It’s gonna cause a bunch of hype for Xenoblade and X, Shulk’s a new character who’s never had his franchise in Smash Bros. before, it’s a VERY VERY good move and welcomed edition. As for the veterans that’ll be returning, besides Dr. Mario and Ganondorf, that I already mentioned. Wario’s unique, so I’m fine with him returning. Wish I could have Waluigi, too, but ok. Mr. Game & Watch and R.O.B. are funny and unique characters, vastly different than everyone else, and a huge part of Nintendo history, so I’m good with them returning. Falco’s a clone, but he looks different enough and has some minor differences than Fox that I can be somewhat ok with him returning. So I’m not too hung up about him. Jigglypuff has been there from the start. She’s awesome and incredibly unique. It’d be a crime NOT to have her return. And I really hope they give her some new Fairy type attacks. And lastly Ness. HECK. YES. SO. STINKIN. HAPPY.

Alright, we’re in the home stretch. Now let’s discuss the characters that won’t be coming back. First off there’s the Ice Climbers. I talked about this already, they’ve been in 2 games which makes them more deserving than Duck Hunt, but I get that they’re still incredibly minor. There’s no excuse for them to be gone and Duck Hunt to be in, but what are you gonna do. Popo, Nana, you will be missed.

Next up is Wolf. I don’t care. I’m honestly thrilled that he’s gone. I don’t care much for Star Fox, he’s a clone of a character that already had a clone character, I don’t care. Bye bye, Wolfie! Squirtle and Ivysaur. It’s to be expected. I’d replace Bowser Jr. and Dr. Mario with Squirtle and Ivysaur, honestly. It’d lessen the flood of Mario characters and those Pokemon are just more unique fighters than those 2 Mario characters, anyway. So it makes more sense, in my opinion.

Snake won’t be returning, which is a shame. His presence is just hilarious and mind blowing. He’s a VERY unique character. He would’ve been a very welcomed edition. I assume he was taken out either because they only wanted to focus on the big 4, Mario Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac-Man, or they took him out because he’s too violent and Nintendo is trying to market Smash 4 to a younger audience. As they are with everything else they’re doing, recently. And lastly, Lucas. Lucas deserves to be in Smash 4 just as much as Falco does. Both are clone characters with some differences that make people favor one over the other. Both are minor characters from games that don’t have a real showing in today’s time. The only thing Falco has over Lucas is that he was in 2 Smash Bros. games, while Lucas was in 1 and Falco has a new game coming out in the future and Lucas does not. If I wasn’t a huge MOTHER fan, I probably wouldn’t care about Lucas being gone. But I am. So this saddens me. But at least we’ve got Ness, which I’m overjoyed about.

The Smash 4 roster leak also mentions DLC characters. It says that Lucas, Wolf, Snake, Ice Climbers, and the Chorus Men from Rhythm Heaven Fever will all be DLC characters. So basically every character from Brawl, besides Squirtle and Ivysaur, and the Chorus Men. There’s no real proof of this yet, since this DLC list was just that. A list. No pictures, no video, no nothing. I would LOVE to see it happen. I think it KINDA makes sense, Lucas, Wolf, and possibly Ice Climbers are clones of Ness, Fox, and Duck Hunt which are already in the game. So programming those 3 in wouldn’t be hard. Snake is a fan favorite and would definitely make Nintendo some extra cash. The Chorus Men are 2D derp characters, similar to Game & Watch, and therefore would be incredibly easy to program. It’s somewhat believable, especially since it’s coming from the guy who leaked the real Smash 4 roster, but it still seems too good to be true. Those characters, I mean. The DLC idea better happen. If there is ANY game Nintendo should have DLC for, you darn well better believe it’s Smash Bros! If they think DLC characters for MARIO GOLF is a good idea, if they think DLC for a MERCEDES in Mario Kart 8 is a good idea, they better think DLC characters for Smash 4 is a good idea!

So there you go. That’s my opinion on the Smash 4 roster. A whole lot of good in it, some things anger me, of course. I’m still upset about no story mode for a reason as stupid as YouTube Let’s Players, but overall, I’m still excited for Smash 4. And you can’t fully review a game until you’ve played it for yourself. So here’s hoping the next installment in the Super Smash Bros. franchise is the best one yet!

But seriously, Nintendo. if you make Chibi-Robo a DLC character, I will buy 1000 copies of Smash 4 in an instant. K thx bye.

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